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Petra Strasser alias PepperStrokes is an artist and graphic designer based in Aargau, Switzerland. She creates natural looking digital paintings with a touch of melancholic and mystical atmosphere. The creations are a combination of digital painting printed on canvas, acrylic paints and different materials like selfmade or antique old wooden frames and wire. Painting and the radiance of faces is her passion and the basis of all creative work.


She grew up in the north of Germany and was able to acquire the basics for creative design and various drawing techniques during her studies of graphic design.


She started painting as a child and was able to create her first commissioned portraits as a teenager. In 2018 she started to develop her style and to paint creative pictures alongside her job as a graphic designer and showed them in first exhibitions.

The journey as an artist continues...



PS Art | Aargau, Switzerland | T. +41 76 3394131 | welcome@psart.ch

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